Political Science | Political Philosophy:Re-Reading Communist Manifesto
Y675 | 20463 | Isaac

This seminar will offer a sustained encounter with The Communist
Manifesto, one of the most important and influential texts in the
history of political thought. We will analyze the Manifesto in the
context of the history of Marxism, broader debates about modernity,
and current arguments about the nature of ³flexible capitalism,²
globalization, and the future‹or lack thereof‹of ³the left.² While
the course will focus on the Manifesto, it will offer a broader
account of the origins, complexity, and diverse historical
trajectories of Marxism. In addition to Marx, authors we will
discuss include Hegel, Weber, Merleau-Ponty, Popper, Kolakowski, and
Negri and Hardt. The syllabus is still under construction. Teaching
this course affords me the opportunity to return to the subject of
my earliest studies and first book, and also to begin to prepare for
the editing of a new edition of The Manifesto for Yale University
Press¹s ³Rethinking the Western Tradition² series.

Enrollment for the seminar is capped at 12. Students seeking entry
into the course should feel free to contact me with questions.