Psychology | Perception/Action
P651 | 25949 | Bingham

P651 Perception/Action (3 credits)
Prof. Geoffrey Bingham.
Meeting in Rm. 228 in Psychology, TTh 9:30-10:45.
(Note:  We will move the meeting time to a single weekday evening if
everyone is agreeable.)

This course is an introduction to the Ecological approach to
perception/action (which is an embodied approach).   The basic
assumption is that perception and action are mutually constraining and
so the study of one entails study of the other.  We will review and
discuss J.J. Gibson's ideas about perception and especially his
notions of  information and direct perception.  Likewise, we will
cover ideas about action derived from N. Bernstein including the need
to study coordination as well as control.  (Coordination in action is
comparable to Gibson's higher order variables in perception.)  The
paradigm case used to develop analysis throughout is visually guided
Topics will include ecological realism, optic flow analysis,
structure-from-motion, event perception, physiology of vision and of
movement,, motion measurement,  dynamical models of action including
mass-spring models of skeletal muscle, dynamics of locomotion and some
robotics.  The format is mixed lecture (more at the start) and
seminar/discussion (more at the end).