Psychology | Group Processes
P721 | 25951 | E. Smith

Covers theory and research on intragroup and intergroup processes.
Topics include:

Group problem-solving and decision-making
Information sharing in groups; transactive memory and distributed
Social influence; majority and minority influence
Groups and the collective self; social identity and self-
categorization theory; optimal
distinctiveness theory
Membership in negative (stigmatized) groups and its effects
Intergroup conflict
Group stereotypes and group-based emotions
Conflict reduction; intergroup contact; recategorization and

Additional topics may be covered depending on student interests.

The class will be run as a seminar, with a mix of lecture and
discussion of assigned
readings. Grades will be based on class  participation; short
?reaction papers? based on
specific weeks?  readings; and a term paper (structured as a research
proposal: a  review
of theory and research on some specific topic and the design  of one
or more studies to
address that topic).