Slavic Languages and Literatures | Elementary Russian I
R101 | 20636 | Staff

General Goals:

1. to develop students' intermediate-level communicative competency in
the four language skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading)
2. to familiarize students with the structure of Russian and to
encourage demonstration of structural knowledge through performance of
the four language skills
3. to introduce students to aspects of Russian everyday culture (forms
of address, social behavior) and to elements of higher culture
(history, the arts, political system)

Specific Course Goals:

1. Reading and writing (in script) the cyrillic alphabet
2. Introduction of nominative, accusative, genitive, dative and
prepositional cases, present and past tenses, and basic vocabulary
3. Memorization of dialogues based on life topics (university, living
conditions, family, possessions), with emphasis on grammar,
pronunciation and intonation
4. Writing brief letters and descriptions of life topics and family
5. Reading newspaper ads, documents, letters