Slavic Languages and Literatures | Elementary Serbian & Croatian I
S101 | 20664 | Cooper

Meets with SLAV-S 501

Elementary Serbian and Croatian, conducted in English, will
concentrate on the acquisition of language skills, oral and
written, for the purpose of reading, listening, composition and
conversation. The elements of modern Serbian and Croatian grammar
will be introduced to enhance proper and correct usage. Near the
end of the fall semester several abridged versions of literary
texts by authors from different parts of the
former Yugoslavia (Copic, Nusic, Andric, etc.) will be read in
order to give the students an idea of the language beyond the
limits of the textbook.

Assigned texts and materials:

1. David A. Norris, Serbo-Croat: A Complete Course for Beginners
(London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1993).
2. Materials from Croatian language programs for foreigners.

Grading and assessment of students' performance:

- regular classroom attendance and participation: 40%
- quizzes: 20%
- midterm examination: 15%
- final examination: 25%


- 8 grammar quizzes
- midterm exam (after 8 weeks)
- final exam