Sociology | Introduction to Social Psychology
S530 | 20778 | Jackson

This graduate-level course surveys a range of theoretical approaches
and areas of research within the subfield of social psychology.  The
primary focus will be on sociological approaches, although we will
examine a few psychological approaches (e.g., cognition, attribution
processes).  The readings emphasize theoretical issues as well as the
application of theory to a variety of substantive areas.  This
component of the class is quite important since students are expected
to leave the course with a strong sense of the historical development
of social psychology as well as its use in current sociological (and
non-sociological) bodies of literature.  Social psychology is, by its
very nature, an interdisciplinary field; therefore students will be
introduced to a variety of topics introduced to us in a range of
scientific journals.

This class will demonstrate the utility of collecting a tool chest of
social psychological knowledge that will help any student better
explicate the social relationships or phenomenon to which s/he is
trying to better understand (ex: race relations, gender, inequality,
marital relationships, organizational dynamics, health, poverty, law,
and society).  Students will also gain sense of the methodological
challenges facing social psychologists.  All course objectives will
be pursued through lectures, readings related to lecture topics,
discussion in class of lectures and readings, and films/videos.