Telecommunications | Promotion and Marketing in Telecommunications
T347 | 21133 | Meyer, P.

1.) TEL T-347

2.) Promotion & Marketing in Telecommunications

3.) Class Number: 21133

4.) Expanded Course Description:
A.)  The course prerequisites. TEL T207 or consent of Instructor.
B.)  A summary of course objectives.
To understand the purpose of marketing in electronic media;
To conceive, execute and evaluate marketing strategies and tactics;
To acquire knowledge of disciplines within marketing departments;
To increase awareness of marketing efforts of the media.

This course will give the student an understanding and appreciation
for marketing in telecommunications, including television, radio and
the Internet. The class will touch on traditional marketing concepts
(terms such as branding, reach, frequency, consumer research), but
an MBA will not be necessary.

Since marketing is an evolving discipline, emphasis will be placed
on current strategies and techniques employed throughout all
media,with a concentration on television. Marketing is also a
collaborative process, so class participation and cooperative
projects are a part of the studentís grade.

C.)  Course format. Group projects incorporate concepts learned
throughout the semester. Three individual projects, a mid-term exam
and a final exam combine with the group projects and participation /
attendance to determine the studentís grade.

D.)  Requirements the course will meet. To see which requirements,
in the College of Arts and Sciences, this course will fulfill
consult the College Bulletin at If you have
questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor.

E.)  Required Texts.  Promotion and Marketing for Broadcasting,
Cable and the Web. Susan Tyler Eastman, Douglas A. Ferguson, Robert
A. Klein Editors. Fourth Edition. Focal Press, 2002.

F.)  Meeting Times.  9:30A-10:45A; Monday and Wednesday; RTV 245