Telecommunications | Video Field & Post Production
T351 | 21134 | - 21135 Osgood, R.

Semester: Fall 2006

Course Code: T351

Section Number:  21134-21135

Fall Semester, M 9:05-9:55, W or F 8:30-12:00

Instructor's Name: Ron Osgood

Name of the Course: Video Field Production

Course Description:

Advanced aesthetics, concepts and practical techniques for video
field production.  Course includes elements of acquisition and post-
production, including composition, continuity, sound, lighting,
digital editing, and sound manipulation.  Practical experience in
the planning, shooting and editing process is gained through a
series of hands-on activities and projects using Final Cut Pro
and/or Avid Xpress.

Readings: Text under consideration.


You will be evaluated individually and as a member of a team during
the semester.

There are several equipment competency assignments and three