Telecommunications | Program Graphics & Animation
T354 | 21138 | Krause, J.

Program Graphics and Animation

Prerequisites: Tel-T206 and either Tel-T283 or Tel-284, all with a
grade of C- or higher, or consent of instructor.

T354 provides the technical skills & creative principles required to
produce television graphics and animations. Practical experience
using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Apple's Motion is
provided through a series of hands-on activities and projects. The
current textbook for the class is Creating Motion Graphics with
After Effects by Trish & Chris Meyer, but this will likely be
updated for fall, 2006 with a newer edition.

Course Requirements & Grading: Grades are based on your
understanding of the class material and your competence with skills
demonstrated in lab. There are hands-on graded lab activities,
exercises, production assignments, critiques, exams, and a final
project, which altogether total 500 points. Some production
assignments require an accompanying critique form which can be
downloaded from the class website.
Assignments must be turned in on time. Unless given free time to do
so, students may not work on personal projects, instant message, or
check e-mail during class instruction or work periods. Your work
must be original and of your own design. Unless instructed
otherwise, graphics and animations created in class must come from
your own material and imagination.

For more information, visit the current class website at http://