Telecommunications | WTIU Production Workshop
T437 | 21148 | McGregor, M.

COURSE T 437  WTIU Production Workshop
3 credits
Instructors are John Winninger for Telecom and
Chuck Carney for the School of Journalism
Class Number 21148

This Department of Telecommunications Advanced Production Workshop
course is really a hands-on style class. The first few class
sessions are designed to refresh the student's skills in studio and
control techniques. T 437 NEWS FORUM is a great resume builder.
Many telecom production students often get employed by a commercial
station that has a daily news operation. NEWS FORUM will is
broadcast twelve times a semester at 6PM on Fridays on WTIU.
As students in T437 you are the “behind-the-scenes” production crew
for these newscast. There are students from the School of Journalism
(J385) that are the anchors and reporters for the NEWS FROUM.  Class
meets on Friday mornings from 8:30AM to 12:00 noon.