Telecommunications | WTIU Production Workshop
T437 | 23825 | McGregor, M.

Class Number 23825
Instructors are Gino Brancolini and John Winninger
Three credits

This class offers students a chance to work with professional
producers and directors at WTIU. THe class structure is to first
select a south-central Indiana town in the WTIU area, then travel to
this town meeting the key people of their community to develop the
OUR TOWN production. MAny trips to this community then evolve that
becomes a 30-40 minute documentary program which will utilize the
people within this town. This program then is edited, polished, and
broadcast several times on WTIU during the Fund Drive(s) as featured
program. The content deals with the people, why they like their
town, also featuring their history, and the commercial,
recreational, and businesses of their town. The Telecom students
assist with the structure of the program, the field production,
editing, and other aspects of the production. You will experience
the satisfaction of meeting deadlines, and working on a professional
documentary that is seen by viewers in 23 counties in Indiana.