Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Media & Society
T451 | 25672 | Deuze, M.

TEL-T 451 (class number: 25672)

Topic: Creative Industries

Meeting times: 4:00pm - 5:15pm Tu Th, TV 226

Creative Industries “seeks to describe the conceptual and practical
convergence of the creative arts (individual talent) with cultural
industries (mass scale), in the context of new media technologies
(ICTs) within a new knowledge economy, for the use of newly
interactive citizen-consumers " (Hartley, 2005: 5).

The global media environment is changing - but perhaps not in ways
that we may think. Whether it is participatory journalism,
interactive advertising, dialogical public relations or multiplayer
gaming, the vast majority of our time spent with media goes into
some kind of content creation of our own. Media industries are
beginning to adapt their ways of doing things accordingly. It all
seems to boil down to what Douglas Rushkoff describes as the
emergence of "new possibilities for collaborative action - networked
collectivism and a society of authorship."

The idea of looking at media as Creative Industries seeks to bridge
the gaps in our understanding of what is 'really' going on in the
media as a form of culture, a type of business, and as a place to
work in the world today.

T451 is new media theory in action - making things up as we go
along. It will be a thrill ride from to, from Word-Of-Mouth marketing to Citizen Journalism,
and from The Long Tail to all things Web 2.0.