Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Design and Production
T452 | 21489 | Kelly, S.

T452 Topical Seminar in Design and Production
Course # 21489
IUSTV One Eye Open: Series Production Workshop
Wednesday 2.30 – 6.30
Prerequisite: 283 or permission of instructor

In the course of the semester students will produce six 22 minute
episodes of a narrative television series with the goal that each
episode be broadcast on Indiana University Student Television
(IUSTV) and be part of a continuing series.

The course will use the facilities of IUSTV, located in Reed
Residence Hall. These facilities offer a small studio for live-to-
tape multiple camera productions as well as field cameras for single
camera productions.

The course will consist of 3 teams of 4 students, each team with a
head writer, director, producer, and editor.  Each team will write,
produce and edit two, 22 minute broadcast ready episodes of the
series One Eye Open.  Students will work where needed in the
production of all other team’s episodes, such as camera operators,
sound and lighting technicians, assistant producer, assistant editor
and script supervisor, among others.

Students will work closely with the IUSTV executive committee who
will be part of the instruction team and participate in the
assessment of individual and group work.

Although the course has a scheduled 4 hour time slot weekly,
students must be prepared to do most of the work outside of class
time and be prepared to work long hours either at night or on the
weekend to complete a show.

Students will be graded by the following criteria:

•	Completion of two -  22 minute narrative shows
•	Completion of a Production handbook (All preproduction
notes, budgets, shooting schedules, audition schedules, talent call
sheet, permissions, set design diagrams, lighting design diagrams,
camera blocking, actor blocking, sound design, wardrobe,
storyboards, scripts, rewrites, shooting script, shot logs, editing
logs, editing decisions, and journal documenting the process)
•	Assessment by fellow crew members, IUSTV executive
committee, and Instructor
•	Oral competency exam
•	Practical competency exam in one of the following areas:
Directing, Producing, Writing, Editing
•	Practical competency exam in two of the following areas:
Camera operation, Assistance Producer, Assistant Editor, Lighting
Technician, Sound Technician, Assistant Director, Production Design
•	Professionalism