Telecommunications | Philosophy of Inquiry in Telecommunications
T501 | 21156 | Castronova, E.

Students will read about and practice conversations involving claims
of productive inquiry. After conducting research or building an
environment, a feeling of new awareness arrives. How does one
deliver that awareness to others? How do people who think deeply
about media come to acquire important bits of knowledge, and how do
they convince other thinkers that these bits are worthy of their
mental resources? Students will consider philosophical approaches to
such claims from the perspective of both the natural and the social
sciences, and involving both quantitative and qualitative methods.
The class will explore these concepts through open discussion and
learning by doing, through which students will get plenty of
practice making and defending claims about what is, and what is not,
important to keep in mind.

11:15am - 12:30pm MW
Required for first year Telecommunications graduate students -
part of core
Online authorization required.