Telecommunications | Telecommunications Management
T521 | 25687 | Affe, R.

Semester:   Fall 2006

Course Code:  T521

Section Number: 25687

Title:  Telecommunications Management

Course Description:  An investigation into the organizational,
financial, regulatory, and competitive environments of the
telecommunications industry.  Top-down and bottom-up analysis of
contemporary business problems.  Main focus on U.S., but
international issues covered, as well.

Course Objectives:  To marry empirical analysis to management
theory.  This course is especially pertinent to M.S. students.

Course Format:  First part of class is lecture, introducing subject
matter. Second part of class is seminar-format.

Grading Procedures: Likely two or three written exams, one research
paper, one in-class defense of paper.

Meeting Times:  Monday and Wednesday, 2.30  3.45P