Telecommunications | Special Projects in Telecommunications
T540 | 25688 | Sheldon, L.

Description of the course: Students will be expected to bring a game
design project they are working on, or to develop a new one for
class. The type of game doesn’t matter, but it should include
characters and story, not just flying bricks. Instruction will
include all aspects of the game design: story, theme, gameplay,
mechanics, systems, etc., focusing on detailed problem-solving.

Course format: Class time will be a combination of lecture, workshop
and review.

Grading procedure: Grading is rigorous, based on class
participation, and significant progress towards a produceable design

Required texts: Character Development and Storytelling for Games by
Lee Sheldon

Other pertinent info: While programming and art issues will be
discussed, no programming knowledge or artistic ability is required.

Class meets 4:00pm - 5:15pm MW