American Studies | Democracy in the Americas
A100 | 23378 | Matt Guterl

(3 cr. hrs.) This is the new "gateway" course into the
interdisciplinary American Studies undergraduate curriculum.  Using
film, art, literature, history, music, food, and culture, students
will compare and contrast ideas about citizenship, national
identity, and the social contract in the broader Americas, focusing
on the most basic building blocks of the national identity and the
formal terms of membership in civil society.  What makes a person a
United States citizen?  A Mexican citizen?  A Brazilian citizen?  A
Canadian citizen?  What, moreover, is an 'American'?  How broadly
can we use this term?  And how narrowly?  Is there such a thing as
a 'Pan-American' identity?  What does the United States shares with
Central and South America?  Or with Canada and the Caribbean?
Lastly, how can we best answer these questions using high art,
popular culture, and other cultural forms?