American Studies | Colloquium in American Studies / Topic: Media, Politics, and Power
G620 | 23381 | Mary Gray

(4 cr. hrs.)
Jointly offered with CMLT-C641, AAAD-A602 and CULS-C701
This year-long, team-taught, interdisciplinary graduate seminar is
devoted to analyzing the global and comparative study of race-making
and blackness in the United States, the Americas, and the world.
Graduate students from any discipline or inter-discipline are
welcome in the classroom. The first semester of the course is an
intense survey of the literature in this field, including work by
Frantz Fanon, Paul Gilroy, Brent Edwards, Edouard Glissant, Toni
Morrison, Kara Walker, and others.
The second semester builds on this, and is closely focused on the
production of a publishable, deeply researched, and original essay.
Students must commit to both semesters of the course.