American Studies | Seminar in American Studies / Topic: Contemporary Black American Writing
G751 | 26289 | John McCluskey

(4 cr. hrs.)
Jointly offered with AAAD-A580
G751/A580 will explore the trends, themes, and structures of the
contemporary African American short story. We will begin our
readings with the works of Charles Chessnutt during the late 19th
century and also look closely at the works by Jean Toomer, Zora
Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Rudolph Fisher, et. al.  However,
the majority of the reading will treat works published after 1950.
Poetry, essays on fiction writing, and articles on the evolving
critical theory of short fiction will complement and support the
readings. The primary materials will also include several selected
short fiction from the Caribbean and West Africa.  Graduate students
will be assigned three short papers and a longer seminar paper due
at the semesterís end.