Anthropology | Religon and Nationlism in Postsocialist States
A200 | 28386 | Eastwood

A200: Religion and Nationalism in Postsocialist States This course
focuses on postsocialist nation-states of Eastern Europe and the
former Soviet Union where religion plays an important role in national
politics. This introductory course will examine how religion helps
unify and fuel national movements in this region and underpins
government policy in these emerging countries.

Academic articles, book chapters, examples in mass media, ethnographic
documentaries, and other video footage will illustrate specific
instances of where religion and nationalism intersect. In doing so, we
will engage and challenge ideas about what nationalism is, how and why
nations are built and by whom, and where religion fits within the
scope of national interests.

Students will develop tools for understanding nationalism, religion,
and how they frequently work together. Also, students will demonstrate
their growing knowledge in class discussions, quizzes, and final
projects. Although helpful, students do not have to have prior
experience with the area of the world in question or with the subjects
of religion or nationalism. For those who will enroll, however, please
be prepared to read, watch, dialogue, and most of all challenge your
own assumptions about the world.