Anthropology | Ecology and Society
E101 | 26414 | Tucker

Nearly every day, we hear news of environmental degradation, severe
weather events, toxic pollution and impending climate change.  How are
we to understand this information?  What does it mean for our lives?
This course addresses these questions by exploring human-environment
relationships from cross-cultural, historical, scientific and ethical
perspectives. Through readings and discussion, students will evaluate
how societies vary in beliefs and perceptions of nature, and the
implications for behavior, decision-making, and environmental change.
We will examine current environmental problems and the debates over
their causes and possible solutions.  Using the concepts of ecological
footprint, adaptive capacity, and resilience, we will assess the
ramifications of our own choices and behaviors.  Do we have moral and
ethical responsibilities in our patterns of consumption?  Students
will be evaluated on writing exercises, reading responses, class
participation, a midterm and a final exam.