Anthropology | Culture and Society
E105 | 14179 | Brondizio

The main goal of this course is to introduce the field of
Socio-Cultural Anthropology. Socio-cultural Anthropology seeks to
study the diversity of human societies in time and space, while
looking for commonalities across them. Different from other social
sciences Anthropology does not look at a single aspect of human life,
but the complexity of human experiences around the world, including
our own. We will study the concept of culture and its intersections
with our economic and political systems, as well as our social
identity and behavior as individuals living within complex societies.
Anthropology offers approaches to study the interactions between
individuals and communities, and between communities and wider
societies, in other words it seeks to understand the building blocks
of society. By looking at human societies in a holistic manner,
Anthropology offers a series of tools for applied contemporary
problems. There are numerous ways to introduce Socio-cultural
Anthropology. The course is organized to provide an introduction to
main concepts and methods of the field while addressing contemporary
issues, relevant in the US and abroad. One of the goals of this course
is to provide you with an understanding of anthropology beyond the
stereotype of a discipline that deals with the “exotic” or the
“Indiana Jones” type of scholar. Anthropology values linking local and
global, past and present understanding of human societies. We hope to
present you a rich discipline engaged and contributing to issues of
significance in diverse human societies.