Anthropology | Modernities
E600 | 22674 | Greene

This course is a voyage in classical and contemporary social,
historical and cultural theory organized around the concept/s of
modernity/modernities. We will explore not only the (ostensibly)
classical European formulation of the modernity concept but also
trends of thought – new and old - that place the concept into question
as a category of analysis that assumes a European historical/cultural
subject. This includes theoretical positions that rework “modernity”
only to reproduce it in another version; positions that present
alternative readings of modernity’s standard historical narrative from
more subaltern stances (based on a range of racialized, geographic,
cultural-historicist, post-colonial, and gendered criteria); positions
that seek to pluralize a resolutely singular analytical term; and
positions that seek to reject modernity outright. The seminar will be
organized around close readings of several authors
including: Herder, Marx, Weber, Du Bois, Chakrabarty, García-Canclini,
Hardt and Negri, Latour, Spivak, Mbembe, and others.