Anthropology | Collaboration, Community and Ethics
P604 | 27558 | Atalay

Participatory research (PR) is a partnership approach to research in
which academic and community groups and residents equally share
expertise and responsibility for planning, conducting, evaluating and
disseminating the results of the research. One of the goals of PR is
the democratization of knowledge (re)production, with the knowledge
and products gained from PR research directed to improving community
well being.

Through readings, speakers and practice with examples from a range of
PR projects in various disciplines, this course will provide grounding
in the theory and practice of PR methods, examining how PR principles
transform the process and outcomes of social science research.  We
will also explore contemporary themes related to ethics, decolonizing
research and the complex power relations of the researcher.  The
emphasis in this seminar will be on applications of PR to
anthropology, archaeology, and heritage management; however other
topics and disciplines (i.e. folklore, education, public health,
sociology, etc.) can be addressed to fit the needs of those enrolled
in the course.

Format: In-class discussion of weekly readings.