Biology | Topical Issues in Biology
L410 | 20826 | Bender, A

Course Format:  Discussion:  9:30-10:45A, TR.

Course Requirements:  Biol L111 and L112.  Recommended:  Biol L211
and L311.

Course description:  PREVENTING CANCERS

	Students will inquire about cancer-prevention research of
interest to them, such as research that is geared toward assessing
risk factors for, and/or early detections of, cancers.  This course
is meant to help students to get better at doing the following, in
the context of inquiring about cancer-prevention research:

	1.	Generate, develop, and articulate questions and
	2.	Make sense of, analyze, and evaluate experimental
	3.	Use writing and talking to think and learn.

Required Text:  None.  Students will use research and review

Typical Weekly Assignments: All of the homework assignments will
involve writing, and much class time will be devoted to small-group
and whole-class discussions.

Exams/Papers:  There will be frequent writing assignments, but no
exams.  About 70% of the course grade will be based on homework
assignments, and the rest will be based on in-class activities.