Criminal Justice-COAS | Women Prisoners -- Ladies First?
P300 | 27442 | Edge

Due to exponential increases in the scale of women’s incarceration
during recent decades, the traditionally neglected lived realities
of female prisoners can no longer be summarily dismissed by those
working within the prison context or those beyond the prison walls.
This course will chronicle the gendered legacy of imprisonment in
the United States from a feminist perspective, tracing the
historical purposes and practices of incarcerating women. The needs
of both women serving time and those who have obtained their release
will be examined through writings by and interviews with women who
have experienced prison life, as well as through consultation of
empirical studies.  Moreover, the ways in which these needs are
addressed by correctional programming and policy will be reviewed.
The course will conclude with consideration of correctional
strategies, including alternatives to incarceration, which may
better serve female offenders.

Class meeting:  Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.


Instructor:  Christine Edge, criminal justice department