Criminal Justice-COAS | Sex, Drugs, AIDS, and Criminal Law
P412 | 27446 | Kane

This course takes an ethnographic and legal approach to the study of
the AIDS epidemic and its implications for criminal justice.  The
first part of the course is a general introduction to institutional,
scientific, and symbolic dimensions of the epidemic.  The second and
third parts shifts into ethnographic research and intervention
focusing on illegal behaviors and HIV transmission risks associated
with sex and drug use. With this background, the course focuses on
issues most directly related to criminal justice policies and
institutions, including the criminalization of sexual transmission
and the correctional management of people with AIDS (PWAs).  The
course emphasizes creative development of an independent research
project both inside and outside the classroom.

Class meeting:  Thursday, 2:30-5:00

Course Will Satisfy:  CJUS core requirement
Course Will Satisfy:  Social/Historical Studies (Social Inquiry
distribution requirement)

Instructor:  Professor Stephanie Kane, criminal justice departmet