Collins Living Learning Center | Reel Artists on Screen
L210 | 22244 | Natasha Ritsma

Tortured genius.  Outcast.  Misunderstood visionary.  What stories are told
about artists in contemporary Western culture?  In what ways are the lives of
visual artists constructed in biopics, documentaries, and Hollywood films?
This course is designed to investigate the ways in which motion pictures have
played an increasingly dynamic role in representing the artist in the public
realm.  Readings and assignments are designed to investigate how and why
certain narratives developed in the ways they did, and question what values
they inscribed, acted out, and reaffirmed in relation to social/economic trends,
issues of gender and sexuality, as well as national interests. Films and
readings from the fields of Art History, Gender Studies, Film Studies, and
Cultural Studies will help us investigate how notions of “genius”, “truth”,
“authenticity”, and “objectivity” are addressed, neglected, and negotiated.