Collins Living Learning Center | Anime in America
L210 | 24446 | Betsy Williamsen

Since its introduction into American culture, Japanese animation has
developed from marginalized to comparatively mainstream, now garnering
wide cinematic releases and daily available on television.  How has a
medium that began as a cult phenomenon cultivated a substantial fan culture,
and what is this fandom's nature?  How are fan communities defining the
future direction of anime in America?  And, for an art form often defined by its
stylization of Japanese ideas and attitudes, why has it become so popular
here?  In order to understand the place of anime in American culture, we'll
examine the history of anime as it's been brought to America, with an eye to
grasping the historical context and ideological content of the medium's
diverse representations.  We will also work complexly with a wide range of
material artifacts of anime fan culture, even visiting and studying an anime