Communication and Culture | Current Topics in Communication and Culture (Topic: Rhetoric and Public Memory)
C334 | 27995 | Smith, C.

TuTh, 2:30 PM-3:45 PM, Location: TBA

Note: CMCL-C 334 can be taken twice for credit when the topic

Instructor: Cynthia Duquette Smith
Office: Mottier Hall 212
Phone: 855-5307

This course explores the contested nature of public memory in the
United States and its role in crafting the citizens of a democratic
society.  It explores the nature of public memory, how it is
perpetuated in societies, how it is configured to privilege some
historical interpretations over others, and how it can be modified
over time.  Special attention will be paid to the spatial dimensions
of public memory through the exploration of museums, historic sites,
and public commemorative art. The course will also examine the role
of speeches and popular films in cultivating and maintaining
particular public memories.