Communication and Culture | Media Industries and Cultural Production (Topic: History of the Television Industry in the United States)
C411 | 26558 | Anderson, C.

MW, 1:00 PM-2:15 PM, Location: TBA

Fulfills COLL S&H Requirement

Instructor: Christopher Anderson
Office: Mottier Hall 216
Phone: 855-5914

This course is a critical investigation of the history of the U.S.
television industry from its beginnings in the late 1940s through
its status as the dominant information and entertainment medium to
its current state of uncertainty and unpredictability in the rapidly
developing digital environment. For students interested in how this
industry works, this course will provide a background into the
events surrounding the emergence and maintenance of TV both as a
lucrative industry and a cultural form.

We will study television as a product of modern American consumer
society. We’ll focus on the way our culture revolves around media
images and how television has been developed and used since it first
came into U.S. homes in the late 1940s. We will study the medium as
an industry and aesthetic form, and we will especially concentrate
on its relationship to society since the 1950s.  We’ll examine the
way program content and form have changed over time, and we’ll ask
why certain programs were popular (or unpopular) with audiences at
specific points in U.S. history.

Students will be expected to view television programs on reserve at
the library.  Grades will be based on a combination of research
papers exams, and class participation.