Communication and Culture | Topics in Communication and Culture in Comparative Perspective (Topic: Persuading with Words, Persuading with Culture)
C415 | 22370 | Gershon, I.

TuTh, 9:30 AM-10:45 AM, Location: TBA

Fulfills COLL S&H Requirement
Carries COLL Intensive Writing Credit

Instructor: Ilana Gershon
Office: Mottier Hall 211
Phone: 856-3728

How do people learn to communicate in different cultures?  What are
the cultural assumptions underlying how people acquire communicative
skills? Does a child from Samoa learn to speak the same way that a
child from Boston?  Do young children learn communicative skills the
same way that teenagers do?  In this course, we examine different
cultures' techniques for teaching communicative skills.  We also
turn to a range of communities  to see how culturally specific
persuasion can be.  We look at the ways people learn to persuade and
the way people learn to be persuaded in different cultures.  This is
an intensive writing course.