Comparative Literature | Intro to African Lit
C261 | 26357 | Prof. Akin Adesokan

Department of Comparative Literature- Fall, 2007

Introduction to African Literatures
CMLT-C 261/26357   4:00-5:15  MW

above class meets Culture Studies credit
above class meets COLL A&H requirement

This course is designed to introduce students to primary,
foundational texts of African literatures, traditional as well as
contemporary, in such genres as the novel, poetry, autobiography,
drama, and cinema. While looking at the broad historical conditions
of African literatures and cultures, including educational and
bureaucratic influences, students will also engage with thematic
issues of pre-colonial encounters and exchanges, colonialism and
decolonization movements, anti-apartheid politics, gender
imbalances, and the disenchantment with the postcolonial state.
	In this multi-genre, multi-period course, we will look at
the traditional forms generally grouped under oral literature from
different regions of the continent, and how the continentís
experience of European languages has both shaped and been shaped by
the literatures. There will also be a handful of critical writings
and manifestoes about African politics and culture, especially at
the crucial periods of decolonization (early 1950s) and its nadir in
the late 1970s. Some of these will be used first to frame the entire
course, and others as critical introductions to each thematic and/or
regional issue developed in specific texts.