Comparative Literature | Cross-Cultural Encounters: Culture Clash
C262 | 32804 | Jeff Johnson, Ph.D.

“Cross-Cultural Encounters: Culture Clash”
Department of Comparative Literature
Fall 2007~~Second 8 Weeks
CMLT-C 262 (Class #32804)
“Cross-Cultural Encounters: Culture Clash”
MW 4:00-5:15 in Wylie Hall 101 and F 11:15-12:30 in Wylie Hall 115
J. Johnson
Provides Art and Humanities and Cultural Studies A credits

Do you like looking at someone else’s vacation photos?  If not, then
you probably don’t want to read about their vacations either.
Instead of reading journals and letters from tourists on the road,
witness the clash of cultures as empires collide and intrepid
travelers get trapped in strange lands.  From dark forests to
glittering palaces, from the sophistication of downtown to the
middle of nowhere, we will follow emperors, captains, fugitives,
diplomats, traitors, and profiteers as they navigate the dangers and
thrills of exotic locations.  Our readings range from ancient Greece
to the medieval Crusades to modern South Africa: Aeschylus’ The
Persians, Tacitus’ Germany, The Song of Roland, and Coetzee’s
Waiting for the Barbarians, along with four other narratives.  The
scope of the course welcomes students interested in literature,
history, geography, cultural studies, religion, political science,
sociology, and gender studies.  We will be examining how authors
represent the meeting of cultures real and imagined, where reality
and fiction meet, and especially how tales of foreign lands reflect
on the cultures of the characters’ homelands.  Workload will consist
of two analytical essays, a final exam, short papers, and quizzes.
There are no prerequisites for this course; however, completion of
the university composition requirement is highly recommended.  For
more information: