Comparative Literature | Women in World Literature
C340 | 26356 | Ms. Liyan Shen

Department of Comparative Literature- Fall, 2007

Women in World Literature
CMLT-C 340/26356   9:30–10:45 TR

above class carries culture studies credit
above class meets COLL A&H requirements

As the title of our course suggests, we will look not only at
literature written by women but also at representation of women in
world literature by both female and male authors: How is femininity
constructed in writing? How do the narrative and poetic tools
writers use change when femininity is portrayed? Do male and female
authors write or “construct” women differently? How are
women “written” in various cultures?

In this course, we will look at the interweaving of gender and
representation through the prism of the short story, poetry, film
and the novel. We will read a variety of works from Europe, America
and Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and so on. Readings will
include: Willa Cather’s O, Pioneers!, Kawabata, Yasunari’s The
Dancing Girl of Izu, Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, Milan Kundera’s
The Unbearable lightness of Being, Isabel Allende’s My Invented
Country, Alai’s Red Poppies, and a number of selected poems, short
stories, essays, and two films.

This class will require active participation in class, a midterm and
a final exam, and two essays.