Comparative Literature | Medieval Lyric
C415 | 26294 | Prof. Rosemarie McGerr

Department of Comparative Literature- Fall, 2007

Medieval Lyric
Topic: Medieval European Lyric Poetry
CMLT-C 415/26294    1:00-2:15  TR

Above class carries COLL A&H
Above class carries Culture Studies Credit
Above class meets with MEST-M 390

From love poems to religious chants, puzzle poems, and political
satires, lyric poetry in medieval Europe created traditions that
continue to shape poetry today.  Lyric poems from medieval Europe
also provides us with the clearest examples of interaction between
different languages, religions, and social groups during this time,
especially in the Hispanic peninsula.

In this course, we will examine the development of lyric poetry in
Europe from the sixth century through the fifteenth century.  We
will study examples of religious and secular lyrics from a wide
range of languages, learning about traditions and innovations in
form and content, as well as the relationship between verbal text
and musical setting.  Some of the issues we will explore are the
construction of the subject in lyric poetry, shared discourses of
desire in religious and secular lyrics, and the role of dialogue
within and between lyric poems (including the embedding of lyric
poems in sequences and works in other genres).   In addition, we
will examine the relationship of musical and poetic discourses in
medieval lyrics and the relationship of performance to written
transmission of lyric poems.

Our readings will be available in English translation, as well as
their medieval languages.  Recorded performances of many of the
lyrics in our readings will be available for study.  Students will
take mid-term and final exams and write two short analytical essays
(3-4 pages).  (No prior knowledge about medieval music is