Comparative Literature | Topics in Arts & Humanities: Beauty & the Beast
E103 | 27430 | Prof. Vivian Halloran

Lecture   11:15-12:05  TR
Discussion sections
27431     10:10-11:00  F
27432     11:10-12:05  F
27433     10:10-11:00  F  Open to Hutton Honors College Students Only

Topic:  Beauty and the Beast
Professor Vivian N. Halloran
Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:15-12:30

Note:  Some evening film showings required
As we discuss the various roles literature plays in popular culture,
this course will problematize and call into question our assumptions
about: 1) what constitutes a literary classic? 2) how do beauty
standards change when applied to people and to animals? 3) what
counts as beastly behavior in both people and animals?  The assigned
readings will focus on blurring the boundaries that usually
render “beauty” and “beastliness” as inherently incompatible
qualities.  By considering instances where humans and animals come
into direct conflict, this course will analyze social assumptions
about the significance of virtue and vice, humanity and
beastliness.  We will read a variety of texts from antiquity until
the present which belong to different stylistic literary genres from
the epic, to the lyric, short story, drama and novel among them, The
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Equus, The Metamorphosis and
Midsummer Night’s Dream.  This course also will include discussions
of the interrelationship between visual depictions of humans and
animals in painting, photographs, sculpture, film, websites and/or

Requirements:  two 4-5 page papers, a midterm and final essay exam,
and final project.  Participation in class discussion is a must.