East Asian Languages and Cultures | Traditional East Asian Civilization
E251 | 28203 | Eno, R.

This course will introduce students to the cultural histories of
China, Japan, and Korea, surveying these cultures from their
earliest times until the eve of the modern era.  We examine how the
cultures of these three regions remained distinct in many ways while
also participating in a single East Asian civilization.  While we
will study the structure of political history, we will also devote
attention to issues of social values, philosophical and religious
thought, literature, and the visual arts.  Readings will include
some text materials, but also poems, stories, philosophical
writings, and other translated materials, so that we will hear the
voices of authors writing in the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
traditions.  Requirements will include two exams, short homework
papers and quizzes, and class participation.

3 credits
This class meets with HIST-H 237.
Credit given for only one of EALC E251 and HIST H237.