East Asian Languages and Cultures | Studies in Chinese Cinema: Chinese Film in the 20th Century
E333 | 27218 | Zou, L.

3 credits; no prerequisite

This course reviews Chinese film in relation to globalization and
the socio-political and cultural history of China in the past
century.  We will introduce a set of vocabulary for film analysis
and some theoretical perspectives to look at film.  The films we
will review include famous early 20th century movies such as Spring
in a Small Town, Hong Kong and Taiwan films, movies made in the
P.R.C. before and during the cultural revolution, and by the 5th and
6th generations of directors such as Zhang Yimo, Chen Kaige, and
Feng Xiaogang.  We will examine these films in relation to
technological and cultural globalization, and the social changes,
popular culture, and literature of China in the past century.  Along
with films, we will read fiction, essays, and reviews.  Course
requirements include active class participation, compositions, and a
group research project.  There is no language requirement or
prerequisite for the course.

Graduate students taking this course are expected to work on
individual research projects (a written research report and a
presentation), and finish a research paper (20 pages).