East Asian Languages and Cultures | Japanese Fiction and Culture: Japanese Women Writers
E372 | 28204 | Suzuki, M.

3 credits
P: No prerequisites; knowledge of Japanese language is not necessary.

This lecture/discussion course examines fiction by Japanese female
writers from the 1890s to the present. We will focus on short
stories and novels that offer unique insight into
historical/cultural issues by engaging with ideas of the family,
home and the "woman's place," and challenging the stereotype of the
subservient Japanese woman. While exploring the concept of "women's
writing" as a literary genre, we will examine how fiction
illustrates the shifts and continuities of various female roles and
the Japanese family structure over a hundred-year period. We will
also look at the historical, literary and cultural contexts of the
works using some secondary critical materials. Students will be
evaluated on class attendance, discussion participation, essays, and