East Asian Languages and Cultures | Teaching Japanese Language (undergraduate)
J425 | 28211 | Watt, Y.

"Teaching Japanese as a Foreign/Second Language" is a course for
students who are interested in learning how to teach Japanese as a
foreign/second language and becoming familiar with the issues
related to the field of Japanese language teaching.  The course
intends to meet the needs of students with varied interests in
teaching.  Previous teaching experience is helpful but not required.
Students are expected to have Intermediate High or higher
proficiency level in Japanese as measured by the ACTFL proficiency
rating scale.

The goal of the course is to prepare students to teach Japanese as a
foreign/second language. By introducing issues and resources,
students are expected to become able to find ways to keep current in
the field. Both theoretical and practical issues that students may
encounter in their teaching of Japanese will be examined.  The basic
ideas introduced in this course should be useful to students who may
teach in different disciplines as well.

The course grade will be based on mainly studentsí class preparation
and participation, class observation reports, academic journal
article reports, course design, and final course project.

3 credits
P: Grade of C or better in EALC-J302 or equivalent proficiency
This course meets with EALC-J 525