East Asian Languages and Cultures | Literary Japanese
J461 | 28209 | Sarra, E.

This course is an introduction to classical Japanese grammar through
the reading of carefully selected texts in pre-modern Japanese
literature.  Students will be introduced to the grammatical forms
and rhetorical modes of expression in literary Japanese by learning
to read them in the original and to translate them into reasonably
literary English.  We will be reading from a variety of brief prose
and lyric texts (most of them excerpted from longer works),
representing the diverse range of styles employed by writers of the
mid to late Heian period (early 10th through early 13th centuries).
Depending on class interest, we will also look at texts from the
Kamakura period and later.

Prerequisite: Proficiency in Japanese above the third year level.
No prior knowledge of classical Japanese grammar is expected.  N.B.
Advanced undergraduates are welcome.  The course may be used to
fulfill EALL/Japanese major requirements.  Course grade determined
by regular preparation and participation in class; a midterm, and a
final exam.

3 credits