Education | Organization & Administration of Early Childhood Programs
E505 | 29884 | Apple

E505: Organization & Administration of Early Childhood Programs
Fall Semester 2008
Wednesdays, 6  8:50 pm

What does it take to be an effective leader?  What is involved in
leadership, management, and supervision?  What is a teacher-leader?
How does administration contribute to quality environments and
programs for young children?

Join others to explore leadership and supervision from a
developmental perspective. Early childhood teachers, current
administrators, and those interested in administration of early
childhood programs are welcome to enroll.  For more information
about the course, which is offered through interactive video on the
IU-Bloomington, IUPUI, and USI campus, please contact Peggy Apple at

Course Description:        This course will examine the management,
supervision, and leadership of early childhood programs that serve
children from infancy through age eight within the framework of
planning, implementing, and evaluating programs of various
sponsorship and purpose. Topics will include program philosophy,
goals, curriculum, leading and managing staff, differentiated
supervision, ethics, professional development, physical facilities,
finance and budget, family and community partnerships, government
regulations, and accreditation systems, in addition to other
relevant administrative topics.

Instructor:  Peggy Apple, Ph.D. is a Clinical Associate Professor at
the IU School of Education at Indianapolis and Education Program
Chair at Ivy Tech Central Indiana. She has over 25 years experience
in the early childhood profession and has held various
administrative and leadership positions, including Director of an
NAEYC Accredited program.

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