English | Intro to Writing & the Study of Literature: Vertigo
L141 | 21096 | Crawford

21096	2:30-3:20pm		TR		WH 120	CRAWFORD
21098	12:20-1:10pm		MW		TBA	
21099	11:15-12:05pm	        MW		TBA
21100	12:20-1:10pm		MW		TBA
21101	1:25-2:15pm		MW		BH 137
21102	2:30-3:20pm		MW		JH A105

This course examines the whirling and tilting we all feel as we move
through transitions, different identities, and different sites that
locate and dislocate. We will read a wide range of drama, novels,
and poetry foregrounding issues of identity shifting. Our core focal
points will be: identity as performative, identity as writing on the
body, identity as a process of travel, identity as the blues,
identity and the underground, and identity as the intersections of
gender, class, race, sexuality, nationality, and region.

We will read Anna Deavere Smith's  Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992, Jean
Paul Sartre's No Exit, Ama Ata Aidoo's Our Sister Killjoy, Margaret
Edson's Wit, Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues, and Fyodor
Dostoevsky's Notes fromUnderground.

There will be three or four writing assignments (of varied length)
and a final exam. Writing instruction will emphasize brainstorming,
analysis, revision, and how to combine all these in polished essays.