English | Modern British & Irish Drama
L671 | 25932 | Watt

L671  25932 WATT (#5)
Modern British & Irish Drama

9:30a  10:45a TR

This course is intended to introduce students to the history of
modern British and Irish drama. In doing so, the course will focus
both on dramatic form and in the representation of historical
events. It will begin in the later 19th century by isolating two
popular dramatic forms-- melodrama and social realism--and then move
through those forms associated with the founding of Ireland's Abbey
Theatre and with the contemporary stage: realism, the Irish peasant
play, absurdism, the Neo-Brechtian materialist theatre, and
Irish "Troubles" drama, which inevitably raises postcolonial issues.
Particular attention will be paid to the plays of Bernard Shaw, J.M.
Synge, Sean O'Casey, Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Edward Bond,
Brian Friel, Marina Carr, Martin McDonagh, and Marie Jones.  At
times, relevant theoretical or critical essays will accompany plays
by these writers.

We will also discuss academic writing directly in this course,
talking about such matters as abstracts, conference papers, and the
construction of scholarly arguments. Indeed, one week early in the
term will be devoted solely to such topics. Assigned writing for the
course includes the composition of an 8-10 page essay suitable for
presentation at a conference (preceded by a 1-page abstract)and a
revision and/or brief expansion of the paper as a final assignment.

Interested students with questions or suggestions should feel free
to contact the instructor.