English | Introductory Creative Writing
W103 | 16393 | Catherine Bowman

Catherine Bowman

16393	1:25a-2:15p	M	(105 students) 3 cr.

16394	12:20p-1:10p	WF	(15 students)
16395	12:20p-1:10p	WF	(15 students)
16396	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(15 students)
16397	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(15 students)
22278	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(15 students)
16399	2:30p-3:20p	WF	(15 students)
28191	2:30p-3:20p	WF	(15 students)

W103 is an introduction to the writing of poetry and fiction. How to
we write poems? How do we write stories?  Students will attend a
weekly lecture designed to introduce them to all aspects of writing
poetry and fiction.  They will also meet twice weekly in small
workshop sections where they will practice the art and discuss the
poems and stories they write.  There will be exercises and
assignments built around craft.
Students will write several original poems and stories.  We will
read works by published writers as models. There will be weekly
reading and writing assignments and two exams. The major focus of
the course will be on the student's own writing and original
creative work.