English | Projects in Reading & Writing: Searching for the Ghost of Muddy Waters
W170 | 16569 | Maley

Representation of Rock and Roll Culture
16569		TR		11:15-12:30pm	FR C147B	Maley
16573		TR		4:00-5:15pm	BH 241	        Maley
This course will be a sustained investigation of the role that rock
and roll has played in American society over the past fifty years
and how that role has been represented. By analyzing texts such as
rock criticism, rock journalism, concert posters, album covers, and
popular film, among others, students will develop their critical
thinking, reading, and writing skills. Specific questions of the
course include (but are not limited to): how and why has rock and
roll been written about? Is there academic or journalistic merit to
the treatment of rock and roll as an art form? What defines a rock
movement (i.e. punk, grunge) or phenomenon (i.e. Elvis, MTV) and who
has the authority to do so? How do visual representations of rock
and roll express meaning or feeling? What role can rock and roll
play outside of its own community? How and why has rock and roll
been appropriated to other uses? The ultimate goal of this course
will be for students, through a treatment of rock and roll culture,
to develop and hone the analytical thinking, reading, and writing
skills essential for college work.