English | Projects in Reading & Writing: Dark Futures
W170 | 16571 | Fritz

TOPIC: DARK FUTURES: Antiheroes, Paranoia, and Violence in 21st
Century Graphic-Novel Film
16571	TR		2:30-3:45pm		TBA		Fritz
21668	TR		4:00-5:15pm		BH 015	        Fritz
This composition course will take the form of an introductory
investigation into a recent American cultural phenomenon: the
popularization of the dark, "underground" graphic novel.   In the
past few years, screenplays adapted from graphic novels have made
for highly successful films.  Examples include Sin City, V for
Vendetta, Batman Begins, and 300.  It is typical for these films to
include some or all of the following elements: extreme violence,
torture, secret prisons, terrorism, and government conspiracy.   The
protagonists of these films are most often male antiheroes who have
either been outcast by society or have voluntarily entered into a
life of crime.  We will undertake a semester-long regimen of reading
and writing in which we will consider this interesting cultural
phenomenon from a wide range of perspectives.  The graphic novels,
films, and secondary essays watched and read in this class will
provide the stimulus for a series of analytical inquiry papers.
The course will culminate in an individual research project
exploring and expanding upon the following basic question: What sort
of shift in the American cultural landscape is indicated by the rise
to mainstream popularity of the noir graphic novel?