English | Projects in Reading & Writing: Women at Work
W170 | 22661 | Harvey

TOPIC:  WOMEN AT WORK: Cultural Roles and Representations
•22661	MWF	1:25-2:15pm		TBA		Harvey
The modern woman has more career opportunities than ever before. But
can she really have it all? What does it mean that college-educated
women still earn only 74 cents for every dollar earned by their male
peers? Does biology or culture most affect women’s choices? Why are
some educated American women choosing to quit their jobs and become
stay-at-home moms, even as European countries’ birth rates drop
because of women’s unwillingness to stop working? How do cultural
myths about women affect their positions in the workplace? And how
is the balance of work and family different for women of color or
for women without much education? In this composition course we will
explore this central
question: how have cultural ideas about “women and work” changed
over time, and how do modern representations of women’s roles — in
news articles, advertisements, and movies — shape our understanding
of women’s choices?
Through six short papers and three longer papers students will
examine these representations and will develop the analytical
thinking, reading, and writing skills essential for college work.