English | Advanced Fiction Writing
W401 | 24178 | Alyce Miller

Alyce Miller

PREREQUISITE: W301. Requires permission of the instructor.

4:00p-5:15p TR (15 students) 3 cr.

PREREQUISITE: W301 or permission of instructor to accept a
substitute course. Non-traditional students are also encouraged to

Interested students are asked to submit no more than 20 double-
spaced pages of their best fiction, and a short letter of
application (one single- spaced page or less ) to the instructor. In
the letter of application, please include the following:

1. your name and contact information: email address and local phone

2. names of previous writing courses (including names of previous
instructors and the grades earned)

3.  any pertinent information about yourself, your  interest  in
fiction writing and workshop experience, reasons for wanting to take
the course, and anything else you want to tell me

		Please follow application instructions carefully.

1. Application material (letter and writing sample) may  be emailed
to Professor Alyce Miller at almiller@indiana.edu, both as
attachment and in email text.  The subject line should
read “W401 Application.”

2. Applications are reviewed as they come in, and students are
notified by email on a continuous basis of acceptance (usually
within a week). The early bird gets the worm, so apply early. If you
have not heard anything within a week of applying (two weeks over
the summer), please check to see that  your email has been received.

English W401 is an advanced class  in fiction writing. Expect to
write a minimum of 40 pages of new creative work, the bulk of  which
will be discussed in regularly-scheduled workshops.  Members should
be prepared and willing to give and receive thoughtful and
constructive peer criticism, both in class and in writing. Workshops
are self-generating and therefore require the active participation
and careful advance preparation of every member. Attendance is
extremely important.  You can also expect to read a range of
interesting works by published writers, and contribute to detailed
discussions of the readings. Because there is limited space in the
class, please determine in advance if you have schedule conflicts or
other reasons that could prevent you from making a full commitment
to the class.

Reading prerequisite: If you haven’t already, please take the time
to read Janet Burroway's Writing Fiction (any version of it), and
familiarize yourself with basic craft terms. Familiarity with
contemporary fiction writers is also encouraged.